Jerrod Womack

Jerrod Womack (Head Brewer)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Merry Cain Gold Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Jerrod (aka J-Roid) has loved beer and beer-related events since, well, he can’t really remember. It’s just too fuzzy. But he loves that beer stuff! In fact, he’s spent time working in packaging at Deep Ellum Brewing and is now also working at Wild Acre Brewing. When he’s brewing at home, he says that it’s usually partially drunk and half-naked on an incomplete Brutus 2.0 top tier system. He described it as similar to the Death Star, operational but not complete. And yes, he does worry about whether the rebels will try to destroy it…

Nathan Crawford

Nathan Crawford (Brewer)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Mondlift Oktoberfest

I used to hate beer, or at least I thought I did. Before my 22nd birthday, all I had ever had was mass-produced American lagers. It wasn’t until a friend took me to Flying Saucer and I tried Avery’s White Rascal that I realized beer could be more than corn water. I was officially hooked. I started home brewing in 2014 and fell in love with craft beer. I read all the books I could get ahold of about brewing and was determined to make a career out of it. I found my opportunity at Wild Acre and worked my way up from keg filler to brewer. If I’m not at the brewery, chances are I’m holed up in a coffee shop reading, or at home with my wife trying to wrestle our three dogs.

Matt Maroney

Matt “Matty Prime Time” Maroney (Brewer)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Ranch Style Pils

The mustachioed masher, Lavish-lover of the lauter, Viceroy of the Vorlauf, Baron of the boil, Whirlpool Wunderkind. Also, know my way around the cellar.

Dakota Bartee

Dakota Bartee (Cellerman)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Ranch Style Pils

Dakota’s day to day consist of checking beers, dumping beers, filtering beers, and most importantly chugging beers. His mantra: “Wild Boys fa LIFE!”

Cory Luse

Cory Luse (Cellerman)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Thunder Hug Barrel-Aged Stout

At Wild Acre Cory is a cellerman. Although it is hard work, he enjoys being part of producing a quality beer/product. As a home brewer, he finds every aspect of beer production fascinating, from brewing to fermentation and packaging. Outside of work he enjoys hockey, fishing, camping, the outdoors, and of course home brewing.

Doug Holmes

Doug Holmes (Head of Packaging)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Agave Americana

Michigan bred, Texan made. Can seaming enthusiast, co-founder of the Scooter Bros, connoisseur of Joe Rogan podcasts.

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson (Foreman)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Agave Americana

I’ve been a Technician in quite a few industries. Everything from hydro, to hydraulics, and pneumatics’, to heavy machinery, robotics, to the technology industry. I started working for Wild Acre Brewing thinking this would be a fun change of pace. Little did I know, that being a brewery tech. required a new set of skills, operating on a challenging level as well as a fulfilling career. Proud to be a Wild Acre Brewery Tech!

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