John Pritchett – Founder and CEO

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Ranch Style Pils

I love beer and have worked in the beer industry ever since I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin 1996. I began to visit some of the finest craft breweries in the United States beginning in 2008, and was inspired by the energy in the breweries from both employees and patrons, and, what the various companies had accomplished. My dream to create a world-class brewery in Fort Worth began to run pretty deep, and in late 2014, I pulled the trigger to see if I could make the dream become a reality. We opened the brewery to the public and began selling beer in June of 2016, and it has been a fun and wild ride ever since. Wild Acre is a family of beers and brands born from a group of tremendously passionate and dedicated people that I am honored to work with and lead every day. Every time I see someone with one of our beers is gratifying and rewarding and that is what it has always been about from the very beginning.

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