John Healy

John Healy (Sales Director)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Live Long Day Brüt IPA

I joined Wild Acre Brewing Co. in March of 2015, and the past 4 years have been an incredible experience. I’m is very proud of the quality and consistency of the beer that we have been producing. When I’m not at work I enjoy being outdoors and love spending time with my wife, Amanda, and daughter, Landry.

Zack Needler

Zach Needler (Sales Rep)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: T-Hawk IPA

Lived all around the world & still consider Fort Worth to be home. I’m a Navy Veteran who loves hockey &Wild Acre beer! Especially THawk IPA! As one of the Sales Representatives, it feels great to go into the market with the quality of beers we have in our portfolio. We have a great group that works hard and awesome to have a beer with. Cheers & GO PENS!

Shawn Cox

Shawn Cox (Sales Rep)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Texas Blonde

There are many good reasons for drinking beer, and one has just entered my head. If a fellow can drink beer when he’s living, how the hell can he drink beer when he’s dead?

Logan Whitfield

Logan Whitfield (Sales Rep)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Texas Blonde

Wild Acre is more than just a job to me, it has become a major part of my lifestyle. It has been a great opportunity to watch this company grow, and continue to grow every day. I started off driving the delivery truck in Fort Worth, and now I run sales out in Dallas. Our brewers put out quality craft beer, so because of them, it makes my job a lot easier out in the market. It’s easy to sell something that I truly do believe is one of the best in its category.

Holden Foster

Holden Foster (Sales Rep)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Texas Blonde

Hey everyone, it’s Holden from your favorite brewery in Fort Worth. I want to start off by saying thank you for all the support you have given Wild Acre over the years, we wouldn’t be where we are without y’all. I’m a local of Fort Worth and love this city so working for a local brewery has been a dream come true. I attended Ole Miss for college where I receive my major in marketing and a minor in management. I loved every minute at Ole Miss and was able to bring back a lot of great memories, but I also learned the skills that I use here at Wild Acre every day. I’ve always had a vision of making others happy and I can say that working for Wild Acre has really brought that to life, every day I’m privileged to bring joy to others with our product and it’s a great feeling. All that being said, we love having fun and want to bring the same to everyone else we encounter. Grab a Wild Acre and Fan the Flame to local craft beer!

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