Marc A. Castaldo (Food/Beverage, Hospitality Director)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Ranch Style Pils

My beer career started in 1996 with the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium in downtown Ft. Worth. I had already discovered some fantastic imported beer so I was immediately drawn to their collection of both American Craft Beer (back then we called them Micro Brews) and the extensive list of European imports. I immediately saw my future in the industry. While the beer certainly holds the spotlight, the supporting cast of the people and our culture are really what have kept me going over the last 23 years. Wild Acre Brewing Company’s commitment to consistent, quality product and everyone that makes it happen are what made the opportunity to join in impossible to decline. I’m looking forward to the next 20 years with Wild Acre Brewing Company!! Fan the Flame!

Interesting fact: If you’re into old cars and trucks or just hot rodding in general,. I want to know about it!

James Verheyen

James Verheyen (Creative Director)

Favorite Wild Acre Beer: Agave Americana

I have always loved the craft beer industry. I remember going to my first brewery in late 2011 and thinking “I would love to work at a craft brewery.” I am very fortunate to be working here at Wild Acre Brewing as its creative director. I get to work on everything from brand development, package design, to social media management. Every day I come to work I get to have fun and drink kickass beer. What else could anyone ask for?

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